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Kevin O’Leary and Beanstox raise over $3,000,000 in two crowdfunding rounds

How can the ‚ÄúCrowd‚ÄĚ Invest with a Shark? Beanstox now has over 3,000 investors and $3,000,000 raised in two crowdfunding rounds (includes 1,900+ people and over $2,000,000 in the current round).

Kevin O’Leary’s Fintech Startup Beanstox Has Raised Over $2M From 3,000 Individuals

Round 1 sold out. Round 2 crowdfunding investment offering already over $1.2M.

Beanstox on Benzinga Live. Trading, Investing and Crowdfunding

Connor O’Brien, CEO and co-owner of Beanstox was a guest on PreMarketPrep, the Benzinga show hosted by Spencer Israel. Watch the interview here, just after the 1-hour mark.

“Beanstox is Back” says Kevin O‚ÄôLeary, with Crowdfunding on StartEngine

Beanstox just launched a second crowdfunding on StartEngine, following a sold out first round that raised over $1M and closed in October 2020.