Fighting Back Against Inflation

It’s not every day that bananas make headlines, but they did exactly that when Trader Joe’s recently announced a price increase of their popular fruit for the first time in over twenty years. The 4-cent jump, from 19 to 23 cents, caught the attention of more than just banana buffs. It symbolizes a larger economic trend—inflation. It’s a reminder that costs are climbing and it’s important to ensure your money keeps up. 

Staying Ahead of Inflation

Investing is crucial for everyone, not just finance experts. It’s about safeguarding and potentially growing your purchasing power over time. By spreading your money across different assets like stocks and bonds, you give it a chance to outpace inflation over time.  Leaving your money in a traditional savings account or stashing it away at home might mean missed opportunities as prices continue to rise all around us, bananas included. Check out the chart below to see how various investment options have performed against inflation over time.

Beanstox is Seriously Simple Investing

Think of Beanstox as your easy button for investing – as simple as buying bananas at the store. You don’t need a pile of cash or to know all the investment lingo to get going. Beanstox gives you an easy-to-use app with the help you need to put your money to work.

Don’t Let Your Cash Shrink – Make It Stretch

Ready, set, go! Don’t sit back while inflation takes a bite out of your wallet. Put your money where it can grow. Use Beanstox to invest in a diversified portfolio today.

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