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Privacy Statement


The information contained herein is subject to change without notice.

Please also read the Disclaimer of Liability, Terms and Conditions, and Risk Statement, which are incorporated herein by reference.

This page discloses to our members and non-members our policies concerning the use of personal information. This page explains what information we gather, how it is used and stored, and how you can change it.

Any questions you may have about our policies can be directed to email@beanstox.com

Tracking Page Usage

We might tally how many times each of our members log-on to the service so as to track the bandwidth that the Beanstox App uses to provide content.


The Beanstox App requires the use of cookies for its operation. Cookies are sent to and from our server only. They do not contain personal information about our users; nor do they track preferences of our users for sale to other companies. The cookies on this site are used internally for our server-side programming, and they are necessary to ensure that the user profiles our members set for themselves will stay intact throughout their visit to the Beanstox App and every time they return. We ask that you please enable cookies in your device’s preference menu so that you may enjoy full functionality of the Beanstox App.

Information Disclosure

We do not use any of the personal information gathered on our members for sale to advertisers or third-party vendors. All information we gather from our members is used for billing purposes via our subscription service provider DriveWealth and its affiliated broker-dealer and for the interactive experience that is extended to each of our members privately through the use of personalized accounts accessed by user IDs and password-protected accounts.

Credit Card Protection

All credit card numbers that are sent to our app are encrypted during transmission for user protection and privacy. The numbers stay encrypted while on our billing server. Only authorized Beanstox employees responsible for monthly billing have access to unencrypted numbers.

Corrections, Upgrades or Updates

We collect personal information on our members exclusively for billing purposes. It is essential to the billing process that our members’ names, addresses, expiration dates, etc. be as up-to-date as possible. Members can, at any time, email to initiate changes or requests for updates to any of their personal information. We reserve the right to elicit updates from our members, e.g., a member may be asked to email or call us to update their account information.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]