What Makes Beanstox Different?

What makes Beanstox different is how we invest for our clients. The Beanstox app provides personalized portfolios with ETFs that may hold hundreds of stocks and bonds with an emphasis on U.S. stocks, dividends, growth, and technology. ETFs are typically low-cost and tax-efficient, making them a great choice to build your portfolio.

We Build Personalized ETF Portfolios

Our app was built to make investing seriously simple using Kevin O’Leary’s investment principles — keep it simple, keep investing, and keep it diversified. You don’t have to be an expert to build wealth over time. For $5/month, we do it for you.

No stress, just Seriously Simple Investing®.

How many people need seriously simple investing? Well, there are over 100 million Americans with no investment account of any kind. That’s a pretty large audience. While there are apps on the market today that offer a wide variety of options, like choosing your own stocks, we believe that’s not for everyone. Whether you have some investing experience or have never invested, a seriously simple investment solution can be in the palm of your hand with Beanstox.

Opportunity: Learn how you can invest in the Beanstox business,
alongside Kevin O’Leary, Chairman & co-owner.

Kevin O’Leary is a strategic advisor and paid spokesperson for StartEngine, which owns the funding portal hosting the Offering at StartEngine.com/Beanstox.

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