ETFs: What are they? Why do we use them to invest for clients?

At Beanstox, we simplify investing for you by carefully selecting from thousands of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), a type of investment option that is increasingly preferred by both large and small investors for their advantages in cost savings, tax efficiency, and potential diversification. Whether you’re interested in large company stocks, tech stocks, dividend growth, T-Bills, or more, we’ve got it covered. No need to be an ETF expert to invest with us, but if you’re curious, this guide will give you a quick overview of why ETFs can be such a smart choice for your investment needs.

The Building Blocks of Beanstox Portfolios

Given their many benefits and increasing popularity, ETFs have become the building blocks of Beanstox client portfolios. Embrace the power of ETFs and start investing with Beanstox today!

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