Kevin O’Leary Announces New Beanstox Mobile App

“100 Million Americans Have Almost No Savings for Retirement and I Want to Change That.”

Boston, MA, July 23, 2020. Beanstox, Inc. recently released a new mobile app for personalized, automated saving and investing. The Beanstox investment approach is based on Kevin O’Leary’s investing philosophy, keep it simple, keep investing, and keep portfolios diversified.

O’Leary, Chairman of Beanstox, and known as an investor on the hit show Shark Tank, said “It was a shock to learn that over 100 million American adults have almost no savings, no investments, nothing put away for retirement. My personal mission is to help change that by advocating for financial literacy, saving and investing, and by creating Beanstox. Then, the COVID-19 pandemic shut down the economy and at many of my companies we had to adjust. In the process I saw how many of our employees were not saving enough and not investing for their future. At Beanstox, we want people to make a serious commitment to their financial health, including by looking at investing part of every paycheck.”

Beanstox recently launched its automated internet-based investment advisory services app. Our team focused on creating a simple app for investors, backed by robust technology and an investment approach that gives everyone easy access to personalized portfolios and automated wealth management. We call it “Seriously Simple Investing”.

“The Beanstox investment approach is designed to be personalized, diversified and to build wealth gradually. How money is invested for clients is probably our most important differentiation. Our client portfolios use ETFs focused on U.S. dividend, growth and technology stocks.” said Beanstox CEO, Connor O’Brien. “Investors answer a few questions to determine their investment goals and risk tolerance levels and connect their bank to get started. Beanstox handles the rest.”

About Beanstox, Inc.
Beanstox ( provides investors access to online saving and investing using an automated internet-based investment advisory services app. Our philosophy is “Seriously Simple InvestingTM”. Serious: because we believe investing is not a game, it’s a thoughtful path to personal financial stability and freedom. Simple: because we believe that lowering barriers to saving and investing will help more investors to start saving, and when people understand their investments, they are more likely to stick with it for the long term. Investing: because just saving is not enough; we believe in the power of compound returns. Clients can open an account with as little as $100 and set up an automatic recurring investing plan. Beanstox does the rest, including automated, personalized investing, automated dividend reinvestment and automated rebalancing.

For more information please contact:
Louise Anne Poirier, CFO
[email protected]

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