New Investors Have a Challenge

If you’re investing $50, $100, $500 or more per month

  • You may be too small for an Advisor. How do you learn to invest?

  • You may be too small for an online brokerage to invest each month at $5-10/trade

  • You’re unable to invest with actual dollar amounts, you can’t “buy exactly $50 worth of a stock or ETF”

  • You’re unwilling to give control to a “computer” that will decide your investment needs

The Solution?

New Investors Now Have a Solution…

  • Download Beanstox App (Apple Store & Google Play)

  • Simple monthly flat fee

  • Commission as little as $0.01/share

  • Choose actual dollar amounts to invest. “Buy $75 of an ETF or stock”

  • No account minimums to invest in ETFs and large cap stocks

  • Learn about investing from investment professionals selected by: Kevin O’Leary, ABC Shark Tank Investor, contributor on CNBC and author of “On Family, Kids, & Money”