Assumptions and Disclaimers

Someone investing just $100 per week, over 40 years, can retire a millionaire.

Many Americans who are only saving but not investing are missing the power of compounding returns that could greatly improve their financial wealth and retirement savings over the course of their lifetime. Someone saving $100/week over 40 years, but not investing and assuming no interest accrual, would have $208,000; however by investing the same $100/week, they could end up with $1.5 million. Beanstox helps make the power of compounding returns accessible to all people.

This projection shows a hypothetical example of compounding over time, based on an investment of $100 per week for 40 years with an assumed growth rate of 8%, compounded weekly and assuming the funds stay invested throughout the investment period. Returns are hypothetical annualized returns, assuming a properly diversified investment portfolio. Performance is provided for illustrative purposes, and it is not indicative of past performance or any Beanstox portfolio or any client’s experience using the Beanstox App. As such, the chart does not reflect fees or the cost associated with investing. Content is meant for education purposes on the power of compound returns over time, and it is not intended to be taken as advice or a recommendation for any specific investment product or strategy.

Investing at 8% with the Beanstox app can earn you more money compared to simple savings.