The Bond King Says, “T-Bill and Chill”

Figure of Investing Growth over time using T-Bills

Here’s How to do it with Beanstox

The Bond King has spoken, and the mantra is clear: “T-Bill and Chill”.

Confused? Intrigued? Who’s the Bond King? What’s a bond? And how exactly does one T-Bill and Chill? Let’s unwrap this financial wisdom and see how Beanstox can make it easy for you!

Streamlined Wealth Building

First off, let’s decode the message. Jeffrey Gundlach, known as the Bond King, is a renowned investor and founder of DoubleLine Capital, famous for his expertise in the world of bonds. A bond, in simple terms, is a type of investment that’s like an IOU – you lend money and get periodic interest payments in return, along with the bond’s face value when it matures.

“T-Bill and Chill” is Gundlach’s way of emphasizing the practice of relaxing while your investments, specifically in Treasury Bills (T-Bills), diligently work for you. In essence: invest wisely, sit back, and watch your savings flourish!

Why T-Bills?

T-Bills are short-term securities issued and backed by the U.S. government. They’re known for being one of the safest investment out there. Recently, the yields on these types of bonds have surged, offering returns that are anything but chill – we’re talking over 5%!

Just a few years ago, the yields across the universe of bonds were significantly lower. Back then, to seek the kind of returns we’re seeing today— a substantial 5%—investors often had to venture into riskier territories. They might have had to compromise on the quality of their investments or use leverage (essentially borrowing to invest) in hopes of boosting their returns. Fast forward to today, times have changed. Higher yields mean that you can achieve these impressive returns without resorting to potentially risky strategies. T-Bills now offer a fantastic opportunity to grow your savings while maintaining the peace of mind that comes with a less risky investment.

The Chill Factor

So, where does the “chill” come in? It’s all about the ease and peace of mind. With T-Bills (and T-Bill ETFs), you can rest easy knowing this is a relatively safe investment. And with the right platform, managing this investment can be seriously simple.

Check out our Easy Guide to T-Bill ETFs to learn more.

Beanstox Power Savings: Your Free1 investment account

Enter Beanstox, the investing App that brings the Bond King’s vision to life for everyday investors like you.

  • Easy to Start: Beanstox simplifies investing. Open a Power Savings Account with Free1 Beanstox Simple and you’re all set to start investing in T-Bill ETFs.
  • Safe and Rewarding: T-Bill ETFs are low-risk but with a yield over 5%2, your money is far from sitting idle.
  • Free: Yes, opening a Power Savings account with Free1 Beanstox Simple, making your journey to financial growth even smoother.

Embrace the Peace of Mind

Why hustle and stress when you can “T-Bill and Chill”? Beanstox is here to guide you every step of the way.

So, are you ready to don the royal robe of smart investing? Download the Beanstox App and take the first step towards building your wealth today.  

This blog post references information from the article‘Buy A T-Bill And Chill’: Bond King Jeffrey Gundlach Says He’s Happier As A Bond Investor Now — Here’s How To Get In On The Action published on Yahoo Finance.
YCharts. 3 Month Treasury Rate 5.59% as of 10/27/23.
1) Learn About Pricing:
2) There are no assurances that this yield will be sustainable in the future. Based on the 30-day SEC yield of the Beanstox short-duration bond portfolio ETF constituents. The 30-day SEC yield is a standard metric defined by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and reflects the dividends and interest earned during the period after the deduction of the ETF’s expenses. There are no assurances that this yield will be sustainable in the future. This product will invest in one or more ETFs, but results may vary due to expenses and other factors. 

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