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Whether you’re an experienced investor or have no experience at all, Beanstox is your easy way to learn, earn, and grow your money. Beanstox gives you three simple ways to start building wealth as well as personal finance and investment education directly to your inbox so you can be smart with your money. No hidden fees or surprises.

“Beanstox makes saving and investing easy.  Designed by me and our team of experts. Designed to save you time and help your money grow over time. No commissions. No complicated decisions. Set up your account in minutes. We’ll do the rest.”

Kevin O’Leary

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Beanstox Plus gives you three ways to grow your money.

Wealth Builder

Your automated personalized portfolio.

Power Savings

Get over 5% on invested cash.2

Stocks 500

Your easy way to own 500 of the biggest US companies.3

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  • Power Saving Account
    Invest for more income
  • Stocks 500 Account
    500 of the largest US companies
  • Wealth Builder Account
    Your personalized Wealth Portfolio
  • Monthly Market Data & Insights
    Get market recaps and education info
  • Weekly Recurring Deposit Available
    More options to automate your investments


  • Power Saving Account
    Invest for more income
  • Stocks 500 Account
    500 of the largest US companies

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October 2023

IMPORTANT DISCLOSURES Beanstox currently offers two investment Plans and charges the following subscription fees (the “Subscription Fee”)

Plan Accounts Fees
Simple ·    Stocks 500 (non-discretionary Account/self directed) ·    Power Savings (non-discretionary Account/self directed) No Fee
Plus ·    Wealth Builder (discretionary Account) ·    Stocks 500 (non-discretionary Account/self directed) ·    Power Savings (non-discretionary Account/self directed) $5/month
Included in the Plus Plan monthly Subscription Fee is a $0.10 fee for Advisory Services(the “Advisory Fee”) and $4.90 for additional educational content and additional non-advisory services provided by Beanstox (“Beanstox Plus Fee”).   The first monthly Subscription Fee payment covers additional on-boarding expenses incurred by Beanstox for new and current Clients and is not refundable. This is waived for Simple Plan Clients. The Subscription Fees are subject to change upon notice to Clients. Beanstox may apply reduced Subscription Fees, including in connection with promotional programs, in its sole discretion.  Advisory Fees are not charged for accounts with a $0.00 balance and the $0.10 Subscription Fee for Advisory Services will be deemed to be part of the Beanstox Plus Fee.

You agree to pay the Subscription Fee in accordance with the Advisory Agreement. You acknowledge that the Subscription Fee may change from time to time and updated information on the Subscription Fee will be available on the Platform. Depending on numerous factors, including the volume and type of trading in a Client’s Account and the aggregate cost of custodial, trade execution, advisory, and other services that are provided to Clients, the Subscription Fee may cost more or less money than if the Client were to purchase such services separately away from Beanstox. You acknowledge that the Subscription Fee is a fixed fee based on the Plan for which you are enrolled and, depending on your circumstances, may be disproportionately high relative to the assets in your Account, and that the Subscription Fee is reasonable for the services you receive regardless of the assets in your Account.

The Subscription Fee will be charged monthly in advance commencing on the date of the related Account opening and thereafter upon each monthly anniversary of the Account opening.  Beanstox will arrange for the automatic debit of applicable fees from the Client’s Linked Bank Account for the Subscription fee.

Clients will not be charged additional fees by Beanstox for costs associated with Advisory Services, including custody, account maintenance and trade execution commissions (except for those fees related to foreign exchange or third-party asset fees). For all Beanstox Plans and Accounts, Clients who request non transactional special or additional services may be charged for such services, including, without limitation, a $0.25 processing charge when they withdraw funds from their Account, which may be subtracted from the total withdrawal amount. Client may also be charged additional fees for reimbursement of non advisory expenses such as insufficient funds charges.

Although the fees are not negotiable, Beanstox may, at its sole discretion, waive a portion of its fees or offer fees to some Accounts that differ from the standard fee schedules referenced above.

A detailed description of fees can be found on the App and on our website at


Beanstox expects from time to time to run promotional, referral and other marketing campaigns to measure interest and to attract clients to open Accounts on the Platform. These campaigns may provide compensation to Clients, marketers, promoters and other partners (each a “Promoter”). These promotions may include, but are not limited to, referral programs pursuant to which Clients, or third parties, invite non-Clients to open an account with Beanstox. These promotions may also include additional Account services or products offered on a limited basis to select Clients, different fee arrangement structures, which could include more favorable fee arrangements, cash compensation, and reduced or waived Subscription Fees for Clients. These arrangements may create an incentive for a third party or existing Client to refer prospective Clients to Beanstox, even if the third party would otherwise not make the referral. These arrangements also could create a conflict of interest for a Client to maintain a certain level of assets managed through Beanstox if doing so would result in eligibility to receive an incentive, bonus, or additional compensation in return for identifying, recommending, or referring non-Clients to Beanstox. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions of any promotion, referral or contest program on Beanstox’s website for additional information. Compensation to Clients for such referrals, marketing and contests could be up to $1,000 per 12-month periods. Compensation to a non-Client Promoter paid per advertisement or per other marketing effort that refers you to Beanstox may be higher and will be subject to a separate written agreement with each Promoter. Clients will not be charged any costs or fees for being referred by a Promoter. If you are in doubt as to whether you were directed to Beanstox via a Promoter and believe it material to your decision to open an Account, please contact [email protected] before signing up for an Account. Beanstox reserves the right to restrict, extend, revoke, or amend these program offers at any time without notice to the Client.  


All fees paid to Beanstox for investment advisory services are separate and distinct from, and in addition to, the fees and expenses charged by ETFs to their shareholders. These fees and expenses are described in the prospectus of each ETF. These fees are generally composed of a management fee and other fund expenses. Beanstox does not earn or receive a portion of such fees. Although Beanstox reserves the right to waive or reduce any Subscription Fees at its sole discretion, Beanstox cannot waive fees associated with ETF fees.