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How? Invest in T-Bill ETFs, providing a potentially low risk investment and higher yield. T-Bills can help protect your savings from inflation. Interest from T-Bills is not subject to state or local taxes. Start today with an automated investment account.

Source: YCharts. Data as of 03/31/2024
As of 03/31/2024: Based on the 30-day SEC yield of the Beanstox short-duration bond portfolio ETF constituents

T-Bill ETFs vs Other Ways to Save

T-Bill ETFs offer an attractive alternative to traditional ways to save. T-Bills are US Government obligations, they are considered very safe, and they usually provide more yield than traditional savings accounts. Why wait? Grow your money faster!

Benefits of Investing in T-Bill ETFs

More income

T-Bills currently offer income over 5%*, which is more than you get from many traditional savings accounts, CDs, and even other bonds.
* See Disclosures below

Passive income

By investing in a T-Bill ETF, you get regular distributions that can be reinvested to make your money grow even faster (compounding).

Tax Benefits

The income you earn from T-Bill ETFs is free from state and local taxes, meaning you keep more of your hard earned money.

Easy Access to Your Money

You can buy or sell T-Bill ETFs anytime without penalties.

Inflation Protection

T-Bill ETFs offer some protection against inflation, meaning your money can hold onto its buying power even when prices go up.

Safe and Regulated

The underlying ETF investment, T-Bills, are backed by the U.S. government, offering a potentially safer way to invest your money.


Most frequent questions and answers​

T-Bill ETFs typically pay dividends monthly. Beanstox automatically reinvests these dividends to help your investment grow faster. 
T-Bill ETFs typically offer better returns than traditional savings options, but the yield isn’t set in stone. Like all investments, it can change based on market conditions. 
Dividend income from T-Bill ETFs is free from state and local taxes, but you still have to pay federal taxes (sorry). Always talk to a tax professional with questions about your specific situation.
T-Bill ETFs are great if you want a safer, low-risk investment with better returns than most savings bank accounts. If you’re okay with a little risk for potentially higher returns and need easy access to your money, T-Bill ETFs could be just the ticket. But remember, everyone’s situation is different, and it’s always a good idea to do your research. 
All investments come with some risk including T-Bills, but T-Bill ETFs are considered low-risk. T-Bills are short term and thus less sensitive to interest rate changes compared to longer term bonds. There is, however, still some interest rate risk as rates rise. Backing by the U.S. government reduces default risk for T-Bills.

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