Beanstox Beta Test: Tell us about your experience

Tell us about your experience.

Thank you for testing the updated Beanstox app. You’ve been granted access and we would love to hear your feedback. Please fill out your name, email address, and answer the applicable questions below.

Kevin O’Leary
Beanstox Chairman and Co-owner

07262022-BX 2.0 Survey, Form 2
1. Did you test the app on an Apple or Android device? *
2. Were you able to see your account balance and portfolio positions? *
3. Were you able to successfully link your bank account? *
4. Were about able to select a recurring deposit amount and frequency? *
5. Does the app accurately reflect your personal profile information (Name, DOB, Address, Phone Number, Email Address)? *
6. Did you encounter any bugs while navigating the app? *
7. Do you have any additional comments about the Beanstox app?

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