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Seriously Simple Investing.

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What is Beanstox?

A new automated investing service to help people reach their financial goals, using the Beanstox mobile App. Sign up now for the priority invitation.

Why Beanstox?

Simple low monthly fee – No hidden trading fees or commissions.

Personalized diversified portfolios using ETFs – Designed for your investment goals.

Goal-based investing choices including safety savings, major projects and wealth-builder.

Automatic deposits – Choose weekly or monthly deposit amounts to keep building wealth.

Automatic rebalancing – We do the work to keep portfolios in line so you don’t have to.

Automatic dividend reinvestment – We reinvest your dividends to grow your investments faster!

Seriously Simple Investing!

Set up your account in minutes.

Choose your automatic deposit amount.

Add more to your account when you want.

We’ll build portfolios for your goals. You enjoy seeing your investments grow!