Launch simple automated wealth management

Are your clients among the 100 million Americans not investing? Build attractive revenue by partnering with Beanstox to provide simple investing to your clients.

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Simple solutions

For your business

Simple turnkey solution

Proven B2C appeal

Compliance and regulatory

Simple tech integration

Client onboarding support

For your clients

Designed to be easy for all investors

Simple investing choices

Simple pricing

Quick and easy setup

Automated investing

Easy onboarding and service selection

Why partner with Beanstox?

  • Easy for your clients even those not yet investing
  • Easy for you, your team and your budget
  • Support to attract signup for the new service
  • Support for ops, admin, compliance, and more
“Talk to our team about growing your revenue while helping your clients grow wealth over time.”

Kevin O'Leary

Chairman & Co-owner