Wealth Builder Your Personalized Portfolio

Diversified expert-built portfolios are not just for the wealthy. Included with Beanstox Plus, Wealth Builder is your personalized ETF portfolio diversified into investments including: the US Market, Tech, Dividend Growth as well as Bonds to reduce risk.

Fully Automated Wealth Building

Automated deposits. Automated dividend reinvestment. Automated rebalancing. 

No Stock Picking, No Market Timing, No Experience Needed!

Benefit by owning many investments without the stress of stock picking, market timing, and other hassles. Investment portfolios include US large-cap stocks, US dividend growth stocks, Internet stocks and international stocks.

Invest to Match your Goals

Beanstox builds you a personalized ETF portfolio for long-term investing to match your investments goals. Deposit and add to your investments or withdraw at any time.


Avoid Putting all Your Eggs in one Basket

Beanstox aims to enhance your returns and reduce risk with an ETF portfolio diversified by geography, strategy, industry and asset class. A mix of ETFs means while some investments decline, others may go up.

Six Reasons to Choose Beanstox Plus and Get Wealth Builder

Built for You

Answer a few questions and we’ll build a diversified ETF portfolio to fit your investment goals.

Set It and Forget It

Automated investing with recurring biweekly and monthly deposits. More frequent recurring deposits for Plus Plan subscribers coming soon!

Automated Investing

We do the work, so you don’t have to. Get automated recurring deposits, portfolio rebalancing and dividend reinvestments to grow your wealth faster!

Diversification – “the only free lunch”

Potentially reduce risk with an ETF portfolio diversified by asset class, market cap, geography, and sector

Be First

Plus plan members will get priority invitation to try the latest features released on the Beanstox Platform.

Exclusive Investment & Personal Finance Info

Get investment research, market commentary, and more personal finance content exclusive for Plus plan members.

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