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“Your financial future is important, and Beanstox makes building wealth easier than you may think. Get started now because it takes time and patience to let your money grow. Use Beanstox to get hassle-free automated investing in portfolios designed by experts, built for you.”

Kevin O’Leary, Chairman & Co-owner

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Beanstox was built for investors like you!

We help keep your investment goals on track with automated bi-weekly/monthly recurring investments in personalized ETF portfolios. 

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  • Start in minutes
  • Automated, hassle-free investing
  • Personalized expert-built portfolios
  • Focus on building your wealth over time
  • Simple pricing. Just $5/month. No surprises.

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We take the security of your personal information very seriously.

Connect to more than 10,000 banks and credit unions in the U.S. using the same industry-leading technology that banks use.

Create your account and  start growing your financial wealth with Beanstox.

We Invest for Clients Using Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs)

Here’s Why

  • Diversification: Easy to invest in many stocks and bonds
  • Generally lower cost and more tax efficient
  • ETFs are investments funds that trade on stock  exchanges, providing liquidity and flexibility

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