Startup CEO Talks Crowdfunding & VCs

Want to learn how tech startups can raise capital to help grow their businesses?

This short video features Connor O’Brien, CEO and co-owner of the Fintech startup Beanstox. Their approach to crowdfunding raised over $1 million, not once but twice on

Connor shares the Beanstox story and tips for:

  • Business preparation
  • Marketing preparation
  • Game-time is go-time
  • VCs or crowdfunding

Be an investor in the Beanstox business alongside Connor and his partner Kevin O’Leary, Chairman & co-owner.

This content was originally published in the Updates feed of the Beanstox crowdfunding campaign on StartEngine.

Be a Part of Beanstox

Join hundreds of investors who are helping make Seriously Simple Investing® a reality for millions of Americans. Invest alongside Beanstox Chairman and co-owner Kevin O’Leary today with an investment of $250 or more on StartEngine.

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