Your Fintech Opportunity with Kevin O’Leary

Fintech is hot and time’s running out to invest with Kevin O’Leary in Beanstox, his B2C Fintech startup. In 2021, Fintech had the most unicorns and decacorns (private companies with $1B+ and $10B+ valuations). See how you can invest in an exciting Fintech, alongside Kevin O’Leary, Beanstox Chairman/co-owner. Check out this short video of Kevin explaining a simple solution to a big problem. Beanstox provides automated wealth building for the 100 million Americans with no investment account.

Invest in Seriously Simple Investing® before it’s too late. We are excited by the Fintech growth opportunities for Beanstox, although also mindful that for every Fintech success story, many others are less successful.

This content was originally published in the Updates feed of the Beanstox crowdfunding campaign on StartEngine.

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