Designating a Beneficiary for your Investment Account

When it comes to your investments, planning ahead is vital. Here are the basics of why beneficiaries are critical for building and maintaining financial security for you and your family.

Two Words That Can Boost Your Credit Score

Looking to purchase a home or maybe a new car? Unless you intend to pay for these big-ticket items in cash, you’re likely going to need a good credit score.

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Three Reasons to Consider Debt Consolidation

Before you start investing, you may want to consider paying off high-interest rate debt (i.e.: credit cards). One way to do this faster is debt consolidation.

The Price of Procrastination

Read our story about twin sisters Millie and Hope. Millie invested $500/month and retired with more than Hope who invested $1500/month. How did she do it?

The Million Dollar Mercedes

The Million Dollar Mercedes

Want to free up some money to begin investing? Look no further than your monthly car payment. This simple thought experiment could provide the roadmap you need to get behind the wheel of a million-dollar portfolio.

Making the Most of One Thousand Paychecks

Making the Most of One Thousand Paychecks

If you enter the workforce at 25 years old, get paid twice a month, and strive to retire at 65 years old, you can expect to receive roughly 1,000 paychecks over your career.


Why a Down Market Is No Cause for Panic

Some investors may not see many positives during a down market, but long-term investors know that buying stocks in a down market can support portfolio growth by allowing them to buy more for their money.

What Makes Beanstox Different?

What Makes Beanstox Different?

The Beanstox app provides personalized portfolios with ETFs that may hold hundreds of stocks and bonds with an emphasis on U.S. stocks, dividends, growth, and technology.


How to Make the Most of Your Salary Increase

It’s time to be smart with that extra money. The best time to begin building your financial wellbeing is now, so start by reducing your debt and building your wealth because investments take time to grow.


4 Ways to Stop Overspending

Americans spend, on average, $20 for coffee, $109 on impulse buys, and nearly $178 on takeout and delivery. With credit cards, pay-later plans, and endless sales, it’s easier than ever to join the millions of people who end the year in a financial hole.

This 23-year-old lives in NYC on 50K a Year

This 23-Year-Old Lives in NYC on $50K a Year

Living in one of the most expensive cities in the U.S. can become expensive in a hurry. What if you could live comfortably in NYC on only $50,000 a year?

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