3 Tips to Improve Your Credit Score

Increasing your credit score takes time, but it’s certainly an attainable and manageable financial goal that can empower you with financial flexibility down the road.


Are You Saving Money Wisely?

Most experts agree you should have somewhere between 3- and 6-months’ worth of expenses held in savings to support an emergency fund.

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How to Invest in Your Future

When you spend money on things you don’t need, you’re creating what businessman and Beanstox Chairman and Co-owner Kevin O’Leary calls “ghost money.”

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Saving vs. Investing

You can’t create a successful financial plan without understanding saving and investing. You also need to know when to switch from one to the other.


22 Ways to Improve Your Finances in 2022

We’ve all heard the old adage, “the best time to start saving is right now.” While it might seem like great advice at first, it doesn’t come with a roadmap that magically makes the process easier. For many of us, the excitement of finally getting our finances in order…


Get Financially Fit in the New Year

New year, new you! If you’re anything like us, you’ve likely already set yourself up with a whole slate of resolutions to fill your year with self-improvement and success. While you’re prepping for a year of positive development, don’t forget to think about your financial fitness in 2023! Although…


7 Tips for Saving Through the Holidays

Halloween might officially be in the rearview mirror, but that means there’s an even bigger season on the horizon. No matter how you celebrate, the holidays are a time for gathering with family, reflecting on all the things we have to be grateful for, and shelling out money on…

How Can Beanstox Help You?

How Can Beanstox Help You?

Investing doesn’t have to be a complicated process involving spreadsheets, number chasing, and complex calculations.

The Kevin O'Leary posing for Beanstox

The Kevin O’Leary $100k Challenge

Kevin O’Leary, often referred to as “Mr. Wonderful” and recognized for his keen financial prowess, set forth a challenge for the modern young adult: Can you set aside $100,000 by the time you’re 33? Far from being a whimsical dream, O’Leary recently took to social media to offer this…

The Million Dollar Mercedes

The Million Dollar Mercedes

Want to free up some money to begin investing? Look no further than your monthly car payment. This simple thought experiment could provide the roadmap you need to get behind the wheel of a million-dollar portfolio.

An Easy Guide to T-Bill ETFs

Can your cash be working harder? Money still sitting idly in the bank, or worse, under your mattress? Are you ready for your cash to start pulling its weight when it comes to reaching your savings goals? If so, T-Bills may provide the solution you’re looking for – offering…